Madi Baker by Isla Huffadine

Meet the Prefects

Madi Baker - Sacristan

Prior to attending St Hilda’s I went to Kaikorai Primary School and Balmacewen Intermediate - both of which I thoroughly enjoyed. During this time I was given my fair share of opportunities, which have proven to be crucial stepping stones as I learnt to lead, listen and care for others. As much as I loved primary and intermediate, eventually the time came for me to move on to a new school.

As a keen wee sprout I was hopeful to attend St Hilda's after coming to an open night. I remember the bubbly, confident students, and the staff that welcomed me as I considered what high school could look like for me. It wasn't long until I was kitted up in my two sizes too big kilt and a blazer that covered my hands. Both of which I inevitably grew into.

There is so much I love about our school. The size was a massive draw card for me. I like to think St Hilda's is the perfect size, not too big that you get lost but not too small that your options are limited. In my early years of high school I was mostly involved in sports. Most of all I enjoyed the friendships I developed while competing in netball and athletics. As I got older some of the senior girls began inviting me to a wider variety of clubs. I remember nervously attending a Wellbeing Club meeting not knowing what to expect, and before I knew it I was joining a number of other clubs and sports including Chapel Committee and Peer Mentoring. In these new environments I met a wide range of people, where I began to fully understand the sisterhood we so often talk about. This sisterhood is shown everywhere, from the field to the classroom, the court to the chapel.

Personally I thoroughly enjoy art, I always have, and since being at St Hilda's the teachers have taken my learning and thinking to a whole new level. They have helped me grow in my ability to consider and connect social matters, then communicate these ideas through art.

People are another passion of mine, I like to help people see the best of themselves and their situation. My involvement in clubs within school and groups outside school like my church and youth group have enabled me to grow this passion and love. My commitment to serving others has been recognised through a Service Blue which was received in 2021.

Moving forward, in my final year of school I feel so privileged to be named one of the Sacristan Prefects. Leading our school's special character is an absolute honour. I am lucky enough to be working alongside my amazing sacristan sissy Ella Hodgson and Dr Townsley. As a wider prefect team we have made it our mission to provide the school with little acts of kindness and to create memories we can all treasure. The early morning meetings and busy lunchtimes are all worth it when we see the smiles on the girls faces as they come into school.

As I prepare to leave St Hilda's and move onto tertiary study I am forever thankful for the opportunities I took hold of and the life long friendships I am leaving with.