by Isla Huffadine

Dunedin City Libraries - School Holidays

There are a range of activities happening these school holidays at the Dunedin City Libraries. 

Board Games - There are vouchers for people who wish to dominate their friends, family and others in various board games.

Zine Workshop with Spencer Hall - All matertials are provided. This workshop will run from 6pm - 8pm on Friday the 15th and Thursday the 21st of July, on the second floor (the 'Teen Space City Library). There will be yummy kai, so come along with lots of artistic talent, or none at all! 

D&D Sessions - These are run every Wednesday from 4pm - 8pm on the 2nd floor of the City Library. These sessions are for pros and complete novices. 

There will also be Lego, candy and various craft supplies set up for people who are wanting something to do over the break, just stop by and have some fun!

The Dunedin Rainbow Youth Pride Ball is also happening over the break, on Saturday the 23rd of July. Tickets are available now at Make sure to check out their instagram or website for more information