by Sharon Ritchie

Dunedin Tertiary Open Day

The University of Otago Tertiary Open Days is taking place Sunday 31 July and Monday 1 August!

Prospective students, families and caregivers are warmly invited to attend.

A reminder there will be no timetabled school classes for Year 13 on Monday 1 August, to allow an opportunity for students to explore areas of future study available within the Dunedin Campuses.

Please see below for information to help plan your day:

Tertiary Open Days full booklet and Tertiary Open Days planner:

Head to to find an electronic copy of the full Open Days booklet (printable in landscape format), as well as a shorter Open Days planner (printable). The Open Days planner contains the full University of Otago and Otago Polytechnic timetable – as well as space for students to write out their itineraries for the two days.

Open Days App:

Please find attached the instructions for registering for and downloading the Dunedin Tertiary Open Days App. The App allows you to build your Open Days itinerary on your device and contains both the University of Otago’s and Otago Polytechnics full-timetables.

Please note, due to a small glitch in the App, when you are selecting your event, you cannot see the location. However, when it is added to your itinerary – the location will appear there.

This information will also be available on the web-page: