by Rachael Parker

New SHCS Blues Award Criteria

Over the past year and half the Sports Council have been undertaking a review of the School's Sport Blues Award. We have been making sure the criteria is still current to the sports that our students represent.

One of the main issues for the Council, was to ensure that the original Blues Award was recognising excellence in school sport, then creating a tiered approach from there. It was also important that the prestigious nature of these awards was still upheld.

Please see the criteria for 2021 below:

A Blue at St Hilda's Collegiate School is awarded in recognition of students who have shown excellence and/or outstanding achievement in the sporting, cultural, academic or service arenas at St Hilda's Collegiate School.

In order to be awarded a Sport Blue, students must have demonstrated a consistent and exceptional level of ability, dedication and commitment to their chosen sporting activity. All Year 11-13 recipients will have had to represent St Hilda's Collegiate School in the highest team or category for a minimum of 2 years. Any Regional/National events attended must be part of the NZ Secondary School Sport Calender and must have been signed off by the school.

Any student wishing to apply for a SHCS Sport Blue, must write their nomination and submit by……… (date). Each nomination will be given to the Director of Sport and taken to the Sport Blues Committee, to discuss and select those who will receive the Blues. Students and School may also approach their coach to act as a referee. Each nomination must be of no more than 250 words.

Team Awards

SHCS Sport Excellence Award:

A SHCS Sport Excellence Award is given to St Hilda’s teams who have demonstrated outstanding achievement together at a sanctioned South Island/National Secondary School Sport event (or equivalent) and placed in the top 20% of their field.

* Field numbers will be taken into consideration*

** Highest tournament available eg not satellite or tier tournaments lower than 1**

Individual Awards

SHCS School Sport Blue: Applicants must achieve 4 of the 5 criteria.

1 - Demonstrated excellence in their chosen team or individual sport

2 - Selected and attended for all available inter-school exchanges, quad tournaments, School Regional, South Islands and /or National events.

3 - Has shown outstanding commitment to the team/sport including games, practices and service for the current year.

4 - Displayed quality sportsmanship on and off the field and within school.

5 - Selected and competed for a Otago Representative ‘A’ Team or equivalent

Re Awarded School Sport Blue: Presented with ‘Year’:

The applicant must have received the Sports Blue in the previous year and have fulfilled the above sports blue criteria again in the current year to be eligible for a Re-Awarded Blue.

SHCS Double Sport Blue :

A Double Blue is awarded in recognition of exceptional achievement in a sports code within the last 12 months. As well as meeting the sports blue guidelines, the applicant must:

  • Named in a South Island/NZ tournament team and/or

  • Been selected to attend a NZ training camp or training squad and/or

  • As an individual, made the top 20% of their field at a South Islands Secondary Schools Competition or equivalent.

Re Awarded Double Sport Blue: 

The applicant must have received the Sports Double Blue in the previous year and have fulfilled the above sports blue criteria again in the current year to be eligible for a Re-Awarded Double Blue.

St Hilda’s Collegiate Sport Award :

A SHCS Sport Award is in recognition of a students exceptional achievement in a sports code within the last 12 months and at a NZ National level.

The individual must have been :

  • Selected for a New Zealand Age Group Team and taken part in the competition OR

  • Placed Top 20% at a National Sanctioned competition in a sport while representing St Hilda’s eg New Zealand Secondary Schools

St Hilda’s Collegiate Honours: 

A SHCS Honours Award is given to a student who has excelled and performed beyond the above criteria in her chosen sport. This award is decided at the sole discretion of the Sports Blue Committee eg represented their country at the highest NZ level.

The Blues Committee reserves the right to:

** decline any award to any student it feels has not displayed the necessary level of sportsmanship and/or who does not reflect the core values of the school.

***Where an individual athlete does not have a pathway to reach a higher level for that sport then a SHCS Award may be given at the discretion of the committee.

****Fields of less than 3 teams/individuals & entry process will also be at the discretion of the committee