Amelia Lane and Anna Duncan by Isla Huffadine

News From Foods - Week 3

This week in food "Cookin with chickin"

The Year 13's made chicken nuggets in order to learn more about what is in those wonderful tasty, crispy, golden nuggets that Maccy D's has on offer. After a two hour practical and successfully not setting off the fire alarms, we decided convenience beats having the necessary cooking skills on this one, but it was good to learn what goes into actual chicken nuggets and we will be analysing this further in theory lessons.

Rosie and Erin enjoying the spoils! — Image by: Isla Huffadine

The Year 12's made loaded nachos vegetarian and carnivore options were available. We subbed the mince out for chicken, so that we could learn a bit more about cooking with high risk foods and also how we can adapt recipes for our focus on food for high energy users. We will be looking at the nutritional content of these meals in class and discussing key nutrients required for athletes in various sports.

Claudia and Lucy with the Loaded Nachos — Image by: Isla Huffadine
Team Vego Loaded nachos, Christie, Hannah and Elsie — Image by: Isla Huffadine

For the Year 10 Food Module we are planning on making chicken stir fry with rice, to learn more about safe food practices and easy healthy meals. If anyone wants to try out loaded nacho's the recipe is here. For vegetarian options substitute meat for extra beans or soy protein.