by Isla Huffadine

Ice Bucket Challenge

Last Friday the 40-Hour Famine Committee held our first ever Ice-Bucket Challenge!

We would like to give a big thanks to Mr Ellwood who got voted as the teacher to have a big bucket of water dumped on him during lunchtime.

This year the 40 Hour Famine focused on raising funds to provide the most vulnerable children in this world with clean water. This is vital for basic sanitation and health, which amplifies the chance to stay in school, as well as grow crops with the water in order to earn an income and for a food source. The 40 Hour-Famine is run by World Vision, an organisation that works to support children in places with limited resources and to create long-lasting change so that they will eventually be able to overcome poverty.

And with your help… We have raised over $145 just for the Ice-Bucket Challenge and this is just one portion of the money that we as a school have raised for this great cause!

That’s an awesome effort for a disruptive year and we are so grateful for all those who participated in the 40-Hour Famine. A big thanks to everyone who donated this year, every little bit helps!

The 40-Hour Famine Committee - Hannah, Laura and Nicola