St Hilda’s success at Tournament of Minds 2020

Tournament of Minds is an annual challenge for students. It is a problem solving programme for multi-aged teams of students who work together to solve an open-ended long term challenge. This is an optional programme in which students work together over six weeks to develop their critical thinking skills in solving a problem.

This year’s challenge was adapted due to COVID 19 restrictions which added another problem-solving element to the challenge. Two teams of six entered this year with both teams including students from year 7 to 10.

The competition was held this past week and our teams were competing against other secondary school teams around New Zealand. Team 1 won honours recognition for their entry.

Team 1 is made up of Sophia Le (year 10), Imogen Irvine (year 10), Anna Gent (year 7), Olivia Priemus (year 7), Meisha Smith (year 7) and Alice Graham (year 7).

A strong result due to team commitment and team work.