by Isla Huffadine

Chapel Matters

What are you grateful for? This week the sacristans took chapel while I was away at the annual RE Teachers and School Chaplains Conference and they looked at the theme of “gratitude.” I was grateful that they did such a fantastic job of this!

They reminded us that being thankful for all the amazing blessings we have in our lives will make us happier and more able to cope with the challenges that life throws at us. The Psalms are full of songs and prayers praising God and thanking God for all the good things the writers have experienced or noticed, often when they are in the most dire situations. When life in general is good we can take so many things for granted, but when we find ourselves in difficult circumstances, that is when we suddenly realise the many gifts we have been given. Taking time to appreciate the world around us, the people around us, and the privileges we have, gives us a sense of perspective that is humbling and helpful.

But the sacristans also reminded us when we do things that might deserve praise or thanks from others, we shouldn’t expect that this will always happen: even Jesus didn’t get thanked for the amazing things he did! In Luke’s gospel we read that one day Jesus healed ten lepers but only one stopped to thank him (17.11-19). We shouldn’t do kind or helpful things so that others will notice and praise us – we also don’t do them because they will make us feel good. We should do them simply because they the kind or helpful thing to do, and that is always the best option for others and our planet.

Can you take a moment right now and think of ten things for which you are grateful? It’s worth it! The sacristans also shared this cute video to inspire us to be thankful!

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