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Swannanoa Preschool

Swannanoa Preschool Newsletter - September, 2020


Wednesday 9th - Wig Wednesday (get wiggy for child cancer)

Friday 25th - Dress up day


Katie Bolin, Isla and Matilda's Mum, for donation of so many resources for the preschool.

Garth - for his tree maintenance skills.

Ngaio's family - for donation of paper for use in arts & crafts.

Eamonn Lowe - for repairing our bikes.

Axel Bolin - for his handyman skills.

Richard Brown - for helping shift furniture.

Everyone for donation of art & craft materials.


Please also remember to bring along your child's wet bag each day.

If tamariki or adults are suffering from general illnesses ie hand, foot and mouth, ringworm, slapped cheek, headlice, conjunctivitis, etc they will be asked not to attend preschool until condition has been treated. Anyone suffering from vomiting or diarrhoea must not attend preschool until 48 hours after last symptoms.


New Zealand Sign Language

by Courtney, Brooke & Jan

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Multicultural Group

by Katrina R

We recently celebrated Pasifika week at preschool. Tamariki were involved in a wide range of experiences to help learn about the Pacific Islands, their people and celebrate their unique culture and language.

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Bicultural News

by Courtney Hammond

Nau mai hoki mai ki a Rachael! We a thrilled to welcome back Rachael as she returns from her final teaching placement. Rachael has spent the last five weeks at Kidsfirst Kindergarten-King Street.

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Whanau Partnership

by Chauntelle Evans

Welcome to September! Who can believe it is spring already!!!

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Enviroschools News

by Brooke Allan

This month one of our Mahi Tahi groups went out on an adventure to look after our preschool environment armed with gloves and paper bags (of course!) They headed out to the car park and drive way and collected bags full of litter, even an old slipper!

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Our Library

by Jess Heidmann

Jess is our in-house librarian

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Manaaki News

by Penny Coulthard

Spring is just around the corner and we are enjoying some great weather, which has everyone outside having fun.

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Whakanui & Puawai News

by Sam Fowler

A group focus on sensory experiences in Whakanui this term has meant the children are being introduced to new textures and interesting tactile experiences.

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Transition to School

by Jess & Kerry

As we head towards the end of 2020 we have many children turning five!

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Atawhai News

by Chauntelle Evans

It’s Spring! Can you believe it!!! We’ve certainly been lucky enough to have some lovely spring days already which is so good to see.

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Building Progress

by Swannanoa Preschool

Week 1 going well....

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