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Photo by Karen Parker

Aurora Science Fair Winners

Karen Parker —

Tuki Pōtiki and Lucy Mc Dermott were both awarded Premier awards yesterday.

Congratulations to all the students who were selected to represent the school at the Aurora Science Fair. We had 16 prize winners who collectively won 33 prizes. The children were very successful, including two of our students who were awarded Premier Awards which is outstanding for Year 7&8 students.

Tuki, won four prizes including the Otago Institute of Arts and Science Mātauranga Māori Premier Award for his work on, 'To Bury Or Not.'  Lucy won three prizes including the NIWA best use of Water and/or Atmosphere Premier Award for her work on, 'Water Water Everywhere But Not A Drop to Drink.' Both of these boards can be viewed alongside other premier boards for the next week at the Otago Museum.

This year the standard of science fair entries was incredibly high, congratulations to all our winners. Liv B, Lucy S, Kotomiya C, Alison P, Ethan W, Monty Mc, Hannah H, Malakai L, Noah H-S, Nora DL, Patrick Mc, Riley M, Tessa K, Zoe M,