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Photo by Kristy McBride

Establishing a safe mathematical environment.

Kristy McBride —

As a subject Maths can cause some students to worry, but we're working hard to make maths fun, engaging, creative and hands on for everyone.

To launch our maths programme in Room 1 we've had some really rich and honest discussions about past experiences with maths (good, bad and a mix), what sort of maths environment the students want and what that will look and sound like.

We also made a collage and created a mathematical learning environment around student voice.

Some of the key messages are:

+ Everyone can learn maths to a high level

+ No one is born with a maths brain

+ Having a growth mindset is a key element of success in any learning area

+ The brain is a muscle that grows as we use it and push ourselves

+ Speed is not important with maths - slow and deep thinking is

In Room 1 our aim for maths to be a fun, creative, challenging, hands-on and making links to real life skills.