Hero photograph
Photo by Karen Parker

Science Fair and Expo.

Karen Parker —

The annual School Science fair took place this week.

This week the Year 7's showcased their science findings in the breakout spaces. The Year 7's had the opportunity to do a science fair project, an investigation or a citizen science project.

Throughout the past couple of weeks it has been great hearing the children talk about their projects with enthusiasm and excitement about their findings as they scurry away from the photocopier.

Class teachers were busy last week helping the students work on their presentation and layout of their boards. There were some excellent investigations and experiments undertaken by the Year 7's and they should be very proud of their work.

Andrew and Robert our external judges came in to judge our top 30 boards out about 250 projects. Results from the science fair will be posted early next term as we await the Year 8 entries due on the first Monday next term.

Thank you to our external judges for their time and expertise.