Hero photograph
Photo by Manuel Wehi

Tahuna RFL Fitness Challenge.

Manuel Wehi —

Congratulations to Kai Koni, Anahera Koni, Olivia Buckby, Isobel Fyfe, and Sylvie Hillman. These five students have been working extra hard to improve their fitness and have completed the RFL Fitness Challenge. If students complete the block run within the time limits listed below then they are given the opportunity to complete the Army fitness test as an extra challenge. This consists of a 2.4km run, push ups and sit ups. If they successfully complete this challenge then they are rewarded with a RFL Badge which they make themselves using the Technology laser cutter. If anybody feels like they are up for the challenge and have times and endurance similar to below...come and see Matua Manuel! 

I look forward to seeing you soon!! Good luck with the training!

Here are the fitness requirements for the RFL challenge:

For boys:
2.4km run = Under 10 minutes
Push ups = 30 
Sit ups = 66

For girls:
2.4km run = Under 11 minutes 50 seconds
Push ups = 15
Sit ups = 55

There is also a more elite set of requirements for The 100 Club:

For boys:
2.4km run = Under 8 minutes
Push ups = 55
Sit ups = 130

For girls:
2.4km run = Under 10 minutes 5 seconds
Push ups = 36
Sit ups = 118