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Is your child struggling with big emotions?

Karyn Hearn —

Our unique holiday opportuinities are focused on helping young people develop their skills while participating in activities they love! In October our Emotional Regulation 1:1 Intensives will be running in Dunedin.

These programmes are developed by occupational therapists skilled in helping children & young people reach their potential. We're taking registrations now.

These sessions will:
Introduce your child to our emotions visual.
Help develop emotional literacy to describe how they’re feeling.
Help develop an understanding of what’s happening in their body when they feel big emotions.
Provide opportunity to learn & practice strategies for managing big emotions.
Develop a personalised plan for managing big emotions.

Monday 4th - Thursday 7th October
or Monday 11th- Thursday 14th October

4 x 45 minute sessions

1:1 with a skilled occupational therapist


Register your interest by emailing us: office@rethink.net.nz