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Bus Routes 2022

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Up to date information about 2022 Buses.

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Portobello Run -Passenger Transport 

Approximate times

Portobello 7.45am returns by 4.10pm.

Broad Bay 7.50am

Luss Road 7.50am & 3.30pm 

Mac Bay 7.55am

The Cove 8.00am

Musselburgh Village 8.15am

Sandymount Run - Ministry of Education - Go Bus

Leaves Ridge Rd at 7.45am, travels up Sandymount Rd onto Highcliff Rd and stops first at Grants Braes School at 8.15. Arrives at TNIS around 8.30am.

It leaves for home around 3.20 pm in reverse of the above order of travel.

All students living beyond Centre Road travel for free. For Highcliff & Waverley students, tickets can be purchased at the Tahuna office as of 27th January 2022 ($20 for 10 trip ticket). This is a strictly NO CASH bus. If you are using this bus as a fare paying passenger you must have a ticket no money will be accepted by the driver.