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Photo by Karen Parker

Camp groups working on maths

Karen Parker —

working together in our camp groups to solve some puzzles.

This week we have been doing a variety of activities as we get to know our camp group. This has taken us outside to work on maths, where we worked to solve some addition and subtraction questions using only pictures.

We have been doing 'wackie wordies' that involved working out what the message in the box meant for example sh ort = shortcut. There were many rules to think of while doing this challenge and we are prepared for the ones at camp. Hopefully we beat the parents on this activity.

Our upper body strength was impressive today as we undertook some physical challenges around the playground. Ms Parker was impressed by the speed and number of students who got over the high bars independently. There should be some very quick times on the confidence course next week.

We are learning how to read a compass so that we can make a treasure hunt for the other groups while we are at camp.

We head out to camp on Monday and return on Wednesday, ready to be picked up at 3:05.