Hero photograph
Photo by Karen Parker

Tino pai te mahi!

Karen Parker —

Room 7 have been working hard to meet their fitness goals.

This week we celebrated a lot of success in Room 7. On Monday we took to the streets around the school for our final timed block run. It was great to see the class digging deep and aiming to improve their fitness times.

Congratulations to all the students who achieved a personal best. We were lucky enough to hand out another five bronze badges, one gold and a huge congratulations, Ruby who managed her elite badge.

On Wednesday we also completed our beep test. Once again the determination to improve on previous times was noticeable across the faces of the children. Well done to all the students, you have shown great improvement. Our top score was 14.6 by James, an impressive result!

We have had many bronze reading badges handed out this week and it is great to see the children getting into a variety of books as they work their way through the badges.

A very successful term Room 7. You should be proud of all the progress you have made. Keep aiming high for term two.

Enjoy your Easter break.