Hero photograph
Photo by Jess Lang

Isla's trip to Nationals!

Jess Lang —

On the 17 - 18 September I competed in the New Zealand Competitive Aerobics Federation (NZCAF) Nationals. This was a schools competition so I was representing both Tahuna and my aerobics club, Queens Aerobics.

Saturday was heats, and I performed my individual and my pair which I do with Lucy Carrington because we had qualified for Nationals with those routines at Otago Regionals in August. At regionals our pair came 2nd and I came 3rd in my individual.

Sadly I wasn’t chosen for finals in my individual, but our pair was chosen! So on Sunday afternoon Lucy and I performed our pair again and ended up coming 4th!

We were really happy because this is my first year doing aerobics and I got to Nationals and Lucy had taken a break from aerobics for a few years and also got to Nationals.

Other people representing Tahuna at Nationals were - Hannah Hamilton, Lucy Loo, Leila Wall, Lucy Carrington and Stasa Tucker. Sadly Brooke Wilson couldn’t compete because of an injury.

By Isla Ludgate