Hero photograph
Photo by Jess Lang

Straw and Balloon Rockets!

Jess Lang —

For our Mission to Mars focus this term we have been completing some STEAM workshops. Room 11 had a competition to see who could create the most successful straw and balloon rockets!

Before New Zealand went into the Level Four lockdown Room 11 was making rockets for our Mission to Mars Term Three topic. 

We made two different types of rockets: the straw rocket and the balloon rocket. 

The straw rocket was a template cut out to make a small rocket figure with a hole in the center of it, then we placed a straw in the rocket and blew threw the straw to send the rocket flying. The straw rocket that went the furthest was Anika's, her rocket went 9.52 metres.

 The balloon rocket was a rocket that flew across a piece of string, a straw was attached to a balloon and the straw had the piece of string running through it. Room 11 attached the piece of string to two chairs so the balloon rocket could run along the string, we blew up the balloon attached to the straw, and let it go so the air in the balloon made the rocket run. 

Overall it was a really fun experience. We got to learn new skills to make our rocket run faster or go a further distance. 

Jaime Ellis