Hero photograph
Photo by Andrew Tait

Strawberries on Mars

Andrew Tait —

In Design Tech the students are designing, building and creatively decorating mobile mars gardens. When finished these will be donated to the local schools and kindergartens.

In these mobile mars gardens strawberries will be planted. Each garden has a wooden structure. It has a polythene lining and is mobile. Each group of 2 to 3 students have a job of solving different problems eg: Irrigation, distributing the water evenly and slowly. Designing wheels, large or small. Window and door construction, door sliding, hinged or opening upwards. decorating , bright colours and they have themes. This is stretching our imaginations. By Emily Franklyn, Tayla Ashton and Kayla Vanhorik.

Andrew Tait: It's normal for a "normal school" to have student teachers, but not so usual to have a technology student teacher. Our pupils are lucky to have student teacher and electrician Lachlan Gordon bringing his trades training into the classroom.