Hero photograph
Photo by Marianne Coughlin

Stars on Stage set for Term 4

Marianne Coughlin —

Stars on stage is a bi-annual event for all Dunedin schools. This event will be held at the Regent Theatre on Tuesday 2nd November at 7:00pm.

We have a cast of 90 students and have been rehearsing for the past two terms. Our theme is Alice in Wonderland and we have some very talented students on board. The choreography has been a very collaborative process, giving Tahuna students the chance to create and perform.

Our rehearsals have been conducted through our elective program and lunchtime breaks. This week all students involved will be receiving notices regarding extra costume pieces and the outline of the plan for the evening performance. We will have a rehearsal at the Regent, during the school day on Tuesday 2nd November. 

We are really looking forward to being able to perform at the Regent alongside other schools.