Hero photograph
Photo by Jess Lang

R11's Influential People

Jess Lang —

For Writing this term, Room 11 has been looking at people who have influenced change in the world.

We began by researching different people around the world. We then went to the Library and found different biographies and books on influential people. We especially loved the 'Little People, Big Dreams' book series. 

Some people students choose were: Elon Musk, Kate Sheppard, Rosa Parks, David Attenborough, Princess Diana, Taika Waititi, Amelia Earhart, Florence Nightingale and many more! We have all enjoyed reading each other's work and learning about these amazing people! 

After we had finished writing our essays, we began making Google Drawings of our chosen people. On Google Drawing we had to sketch a portrait of the person of our choice. We did this by selecting an image of our person from the web. After that we used the curve tool to make the shape of our character's head. We later had to blend the different shades of the character to make it as realistic as possible and then do this for the rest of the persons face. Although doing this task might have been fun it caused a lot of us to walk away from our devices and take a break because of how challenging it was to make the nose look perfect!! The end product made it all worth it though!

Alex Tavendale