Hero photograph
Photo by Karen Parker

What is in that cup!

Karen Parker —

The faces say it all as during the introduction to food tech.

Last week we went to the technology department to meet all the teachers and to experience an element of each technology area. 

These were fast paced lessons but we enjoyed them. In Art we learnt about shading, using pressure and length of brush strokes.

In food tech we learnt about the technical words to describe taste, texture appearance and much more. We then had to figure out using only the sense of smell what was in each cup. One cup smelt like "the stuff you put on roast potatoes". Others were not pleasant!

In hard materials we made dog tag pendants as we learnt how to use the punch, hammers and pliers. Some of us went back and engraved our initials at morning tea.

In design tech we made a key ring and drew self portraits to decorate the tech window. We got to see the laser cutter in action as it made our key rings.

We look forward to our first rotations next week.