by Olivia Bates

Ki o Rahi!

In Room 5 we were lucky enough to have Matua Manuel come in and teach us a new game called Ki o rahi. Ki o rahi is a māori game including running, scoring tries, passing, catching, throwing and hitting the barrel.

There are 2 teams, one team is the Ki oma and one team is the Taniwha.

The aim of the game is for the Ki oma to run around touching the 7 poes without getting ripped by the Taniwha and then run to the middle to score a try.

The Taniwha’s aim of the game is to rip the Ki oma whilst they are running around and scoring, they also have 4 people in the centre ring taking turns to throw the ball at a big blue barrel and trying to hit it. Two of the Ki oma are guarding the barrel from their hits.

Once they finish playing that round they swap over and play again.

Room 5 loves playing Ki o rahi it's such a fun game, we enjoy playing it and we all look forward to versing other classes.