by Manuel Wehi

The HUB's Geckos

By Ashling Coffey

In the first week of school, when Matua Manuel was away so Mrs Coburn was in Room 19a. She decided to do some art with us. When we were doing some other work she cut out heaps of gecko shapes, one for every single person in the hub. The first thing we did with the geckos was write our names in bubble letters, stretching from the top of the gecko to the bottom. Then we carefully coloured the name in with sharpie so that they were big and bold. The next step was to get out pastels and colour them in with darker colours on the outside and lighter colours on the inside so that it looks bright and your name, dark on the light, will stand out amazingly. The last step was to present them so that they would be eye-catching. We put them up in groups all around the room. Now they look awesome.