by Roddy Scoles

Assembly Number One

It was great to have our first assembly of the year today! Mr Clarke was able to present our class councillors with their badges. The grandstand at Tahuna Park gave us some cover from the sun...and the wind!

Class Councillors for 2002

Room 1

Mac Menzies

Evah Vorgers

Room 3

Annabelle Dobson

Tawhiri Fowler

Room 4

Pipiata Ritchie

Miklós Burt

Room 5

Eliza Edwards

Tomos Chadwick

Room 6

Madeline Hage-Sleiman

Hunter McLean

Room 7

Darcy Tavendale

Ruby Martin

Room 8

Eddie Panting

Jade Campbell

Room 9

William Blakie

Madelin Standish

Room 10

Hannah Watterston

Elliot Wheeler

Room 11

Lucy Carrington

Tuki Potiki

Room 12

Ariana McGinty

Monty McGee

Room 13

Rory Harrold

Leila Wassell

Room 14

Tessa Krause

Martin Warriner

Room 15

Maeve O’Brien

Rupert Lublow-Catty

Room 16

Alex Bailey

Neve Russell

Room 17

Kaia Adamson

Nico Harvey

Room 19

Lilah Langi-Scott

Kaliti Nabalgi

Room 19A

Belle Scott

Callan Power