by Jess Lang

Scavenger Hunt

On Wednesday we had completed the scavenger hunt. In the morning we were all assigned to groups, in our groups we were taken to an area with a hi-vis jacket attached to something like a tree. Around the hi-vis there were pegs with clues attached to them. They were very hard to find.

On the clues they had riddles that locate the next clue. There were twelve clues and we had to find them as fast as possible.

The clues were scattered around the camp and every group was placed near a clue. A lot of the groups were stuck on a clue that was on a microwave, But most of them eventually found it.

The winning group was Mana Ditte Riley D and Flint They found all 12 clues in under 1 hour which was very fast because they used very good teamwork!

By Mana and Jackson