by Kelsey Brocklebank

Term 1 in Rm 16

Thanks to Tristan, Freya, Van, Madi, Haidee and Emily for summarising what has been going on in Rm 16 in Term 1. We are looking forward to creating more articles regularly from Term 2 for you to have an insight on what we are doing in class.


In the past 2 weeks, 3 students have earned their sports badges. Lissy got her silver badge and TJ and Freya got their bronze badges .

School Bands

Three students in Room 16 have received bands. Haidee and Tristan have their yellow band. Madi has been awarded her green band.

House Leader

Ethan Wardrop has been selected to be Mahuika House Leader for 2022. He was selected at assembly and received his House Leader Badge.


Room 16 have been working on their ball skills these past two weeks. It's all been about throwing and catching the ball with ease. We have been doing many activities working on these skills.

Our School Work

The Past 2 weeks we have been doing history homework, CVs ,we have been learning about circle circumferences, square roots, reading work, making house flags and have been writing job interviews.

Class Councillor

Alex Bailey and Neve Russell have been selected as our class councillors for 2022. Neve Russell has also been awarded school treasurer.