by Roddy Scoles

First School Council Mufti Day 2022 - a great success!

Last Friday was the School Council organised the first Mufti Day of 2022.

Early last Friday the two treasurers of the School Council (William Blakie and Neve Russell) and two co-chairs (Rupert Lublow-Catty and Ariana McGinty) counted up the donations from the first mufti day of 2022. In total we raised $800+ and will have the final results in the coming weeks.

On behalf of the School Council we would like to thank the families and kids for supporting Tahuna through our first mufti day of 2022. The School Council is working on ways to brighten up our school such as murals and sculptures plus working on many other ideas. Mufti days like these help to fund these projects.

Early next term the School Council is going to organise a fundraiser for Ukraine where all of the money that we raise will be donated to the people of Ukraine.

By Ariana McGinty