Tahuna Normal Intermediate

We would greatly appreciate it if you could take 15mins to complete our very important community consultation for the Board of Trustees.

New Upcoming Events

  • 26 August - Daffodil Day.  The school council will be running a fundraising event this Friday
  • 16 September - This year's athletics will be held at the Caledonian Sports ground on Friday the 16 September.  The school will be paying for all the costs associated with this day including buses and ground hire.  To keep costs down, we ask parents to arrange to drop off and collect their child from the Caledonian grounds on this day.  You may want to communicate with your child's friends to share transport.  We will be running buses for children whose parents are not able to arrange transport for them.  More information will be out by the end of the month.    

  1. Community Consultation

    One more week to go and we would love to have a good number of respondents. At this stage, we only have 46. Please take the time to ... Read more…