by Jess Lang

R13 heads to Long Beach!

Filled with trepidation we set out on the fifteenth of September towards the destination known as Long beach.

The sun was shining in the bright blue sky as room 13 stepped towards the huge rocks looming above us. Very aware of the fact that in a couple of hours we may be on top of this strange land feature.

Half of the class stayed behind and scaled the cliff face as the other half sprinted down the beach,making quick stops to admire cool shells along the way.

When we arrived at the end of the beach the reason we were going this way became quickly apparent as the mouth of a huge cave set into the rock came into view. Everybody immediately set off in that direction and entered the ginormous hole. As we went further in, the light slowly faded away until we were at great risk of hitting our heads on the low hanging ceiling. Deeper in the cave split into many tiny tunnels which we explored one at a time until we eventually explored the largest one which to be honest was not incredibly large. Most of the group dropped to the ground and crawled further in. After the initial claustrophobic tunnel you could stand up, we had a quick look around with Miss Lang's phone torch and left.

A while later after we explored another cave and visited the playground it was finally our turn for the main event.

Rock Climbing.

We split into groups of three so that one person could belay, one person could climb, and one person could feed the rope into a bucket so that it didn't get sandy. Everybody had at least one turn climbing and most were very successful. Everybody should be extremely proud of themselves for stepping out of their comfort zones and doing very well. 

By Iris and Hazel