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Understanding the student learning button on the @school App

Ian Lambie —

From time to time we get asked about the learning walts and curriculum levels on the @school app. Here is a brief explanation.

Basically our curriculum is divided into sublevels level one for example starts at year 0/1 and ideally finishes at the end of year 2 (in which time children move onto level 2) The example below shows a year 3 student who is working at "early level 3" The teacher knows that identifying 2d and 3d shapes is a key part of maths knowledge at that level and has set that walt or learning objective for the child. Over a series of planned lessons the child would have had various experiences with exploring the features of 2dimensional and 3 dimensional shapes. When the child has mastered that understanding the teacher marks the objective as achieved for the child at that level and moves onto something else either at a higher level or a different element of maths learning. When you look at your childs learning objectives under the learning button on our kura app you will see examples of what the teacher has assigned for them, what why have completed and occasionally some evidence that the teacher or student has used to prove that the learning has been mastered. This will give you a good idea about the level your child is working at and how they are progressing. Remember though that we are all different and have strengths and we make gains at different rates.