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Photo by Ian Lambie

Omicron Phase 3 Update - 25 February

Ian Lambie —

Kia ora Whanau, You’ll be aware that the Government announced that New Zealand moved into Phase 3 of our response to Omicron last night Thursday 24 February. We are just beginning to have notifications from families confirming that we do have some active cases within our school community.

 In Phase 3, only household contacts of confirmed cases are required to self-isolate however, anyone showing symptoms should also do so. The isolation period is for 10 days. All other contacts of COVID-positive people are not required to isolate, but they will need to monitor for symptoms. This morning we have a high number of absences. Most of you have communicated the reasons for these absences, thank you. It is really important that we have up to date information regarding who has returned a positive test and if your household is self-isolating due to being close contacts. While we still have no students or staff from Tahunanui School identified as having covid-19, we know that some families have positive cases within them so need to be vigilant. It is also important if there are other reasons for absences that we understand how we can support you during this time so please do not hesitate to let us know - we are VERY understanding and happy to answer any questions or concerns you have. Over the weekend, email me principal@tahunanui.school.nz I received about 20 messages last weekend and was able to respond to these quickly, allowing families to make plans ahead of time. While it is expected that children attend school if they are well and not close contacts, please use your initiative and err on the side of caution. We have been instructed to send symptomatic children home and we are required to keep track of the reasons. Rapid antigen tests will become the primary testing method. Please follow the guidelines around these and the self-isolation rules as a negative test one day, may not be the same the next day, especially if you are symptomatic. If your family are isolating at home and require support with home learning please let us know. We can organise - devices, reading material and in some cases hard pack resources to support you during this time. Please direct these requests to ian.lambie@tahunanui.school.nz