Hero photograph
Photo by Barbara Bowen

No Child Left Inside

Barbara Bowen —

A special welcome to Alana Inglis Beckett, our new NCLI teacher.

Alana is an ex Motueka High school student, a sporty type, being an ex athlete and also a netballer and touch rugby player. She has just completed her BSc in Sport and Recreation through NMIT and has done plenty of teaching practice at Nelson Central School, St Josephs School and Waimea Intermediate, as well as coaching netball at Motueka High School. You have made a lovely start in our school Alana. Thank you

No Child Left Inside is a community organisation focused on giving children the opportunity to learn skills to perform basic fundamental movements. The concept of “No Child Left Inside” addresses the areas in which children are reluctant and help them feel capable and confident to take part in physical activities.