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Bus Information

Karl Hermann —

At Tauhara College we have three categories of buses that transport students to and from school; Turangi students, Eligible and Non Eligible Students.   

The Turangi bus is a private bus run by Turangi Rentals and is a private arrangement between Turangi Rentals and the bus user.

We have students who are eligible for a free bus tag.  These are the students using the Napier and Waitahanui buses and some of the students on the Aratiatia bus, depending on which school is closest from their home.   If your closest High School is Tauhara College and you live further than 4.8 km from the school there is no charge for the bus.   

For all remaining students using the school bus service there is a charge of $75 per term ($300 per year)   This is charged automatically to the students school account.   These students will have a specified bus tag colour.  

The bus committee for Taupo does not allow students to have one off rides on the bus, e.g. going to visit a friend on the farm or use it to get a lift to town.  In special situations a dispensation can be made but must go through the committee, please see Mr Hermann.

Important: Students who do not have their bus tag displayed on their bag after it has been issued will not be allowed on the buses.

The rules for students using the bus are attached.  

If you have any queries please email Mr Hermann - hk@tauhara.school.nz