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Julie Yeoman —

Thank you for your Care, Courage and Commitment over the last three years. Tauhara College has once again been so fortunate to be served by such a committed and future-focused Board of Trustees.

The current Board of Trustees will cease their term on Friday 14 June when the new Board for Tauhara College will be formed.

Thank you to everyone who stood for the new Board and to everyone who took part in the process and voted.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Trustees who are standing down. Joanne Lewis, Tracey Lidington and Gordon Roberts have served for the past 3 years. They have given of their personal time and their expertise to govern the school. They have always acted in the best interest of the students and have often gone above the call of duty to ensure the best is done for the school and its community. We are fortunate to have been under their care. Thanks also to Jason Simmonds who joined the board as a co-opted Trustee in March 2018, he brought with him many years of school governance experience.  Kirsty Trevor and Vicki Witton as Staff Representatives to the Board, we were grateful for their time and commitment to the role and valuable perspective that they brought to the Board table.

I would like to thank the entire Board for their endless commitment, dedication and drive to fulfil their role as Trustees. Also, for being a wonderful support to Keith and his team and for having the courage to tackle the difficult issues, while always keeping the best interests of our students, school and community at heart. The job is not always an easy one but this Board has acted with integrity and a vision to deliver an excellent education to all students. Plans are in place, systems and processes are in order and there is a solid foundation from which the next Board can move forward on.

The new Board enters an exciting time in education in New Zealand - we are seeing a wave of action by teaching staff to get schools better resourced by the government and a review of the entire school system continues to evolve.

Julie Yeoman
Board Chair