Hero photograph
Photo by BOT 2019

Julie Yeoman —

The Board has been working diligently on the Principal Recruitment process since early January. The position is now advertised and we thank all members of our school community who contributed to the consultation phase. The Board met in February to sign off on the Charter, Annual Plan, Budgets and Targets for the 2020 year. We are grateful that Phil has hit the ground running and has contributed to our planning documentation, whilst also handling some serious matters at our school. Thank you to all staff and students for their actions during the lockdown, your response has been praised. We continue to roll out property improvements in the school, the C Block toilet area is next. We are working on a plan for the $400k extra funding the Government granted late last year. The Board is pleased with the Level 1 NCEA results across the board, with some highlights also at Level 2 and 3. We look forward to examining this data in more detail at our March meeting. This then informs our decision making going forward with regards to our programmes and resources. To conclude, it has been a positive start to the year, highlighted by the colour and participation at our recent Athletics day and by all accounts a very enjoyable Year 13 camp.