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International Languages Week 13 – 17 June

Setsuko Sawada —

Thank you to all who participated in the International dress-up day today for sharing the amazing costumes and great effort. Congratulations to Sean Barbour and Keri Nguyen on winning the special prize.

Students tasted some yummy Japanese food; green tea ice cream, and onigiri rice ball during International Languages Week.

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Last Friday, the senior Japanese Class had a visit by Sharon Barton from Taupo Beef & Lamb, sharing her experience working in Japan and their exporting business to Japan which was well received by our students.

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Students enjoyed making their own onigiri (rice ball) supported by Year 12 and Year 9 Japanese students during lunchtime.

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ILW 2022 Daily Quiz Whānau Competition Results

The top Whānau Groups in 2022 are 13Rb and 13Sr with 27 points, Congratulations!

Yr 9 Top Whānau = 9Sl with 22 points

Yr 10 Top Whānau = 10Fl with 24 points (3rd overall)

Yr 11 Top Whānau = 11Sa with 17 points

Yr 12 Top Whānau = 12Eh with 22 points

The Yr 12 group earned the most points, with a total of 99. Well done and thank you all for your participation.

Image by: T C
Image by: T C