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NCEA Fees Announcement

Vicki Witton NZQA Liaison —

Fees will no longer be charged for participating in NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship, with funding instead to be provided directly to NZQA by Government.

Unpaid fees from previous years no longer need to be paid, and over the next few weeks NZQA will award credits and qualifications earned in previous years where fees were not paid. 

If students have an urgent requirement, they can phone 0800 697 296 or email our Data Management and Learner Records team DMLR@nzqa.govt.nz at NZQA to arrange for the award. 

Please note that International students are still required to pay fees as the removal of NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship fees only applies to New Zealand domestic students, and students from the Cook Islands and Niue. 

Fees already paid this year will be credited to your account.