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The 40hr Famine Challenge Minus the Famine…

Naomi Riedel —

On the 2nd of July at 3 am my Dad (Paul Riedel) and I set off on what was probably our toughest challenge to date! Round the lake in 40hrs. That is 155km, 1880m elevation, and one full loop of the lake all in 40hrs. Now you may be wondering what sparked this crazy idea.

Every time I do the 40hr famine I try to challenge myself past my own personal limits and what I even think is possible. World Vision does so much to help those who struggle daily and often go without so many things we take for granted every single day, so this is the least I can do to help those who are less fortunate than me. This year with the theme being water I thought what better way to incorporate that than to run/walk around Lake Taupo, our town's greatest water source. This definitely challenged me both mentally and physically, but the cause really empowered me to keep going.

To date, we have raised an enormous $2,437! This is a testament to the community we have here in Taupo, and especially within our own school. A massive thank you to every single person who supported us, whether it was following us with food and drink, joining us for some kms, or sending encouraging messages, without it none of this would have been possible. 

Also a massive thank you to my Dad who joined me for the whole 155km and 38 hours, without his support this would have been so much harder and a million times less enjoyable.

If you haven’t yet and would still like to donate, the link to my fundraising page is: https://my.worldvision.org.nz/d/ss/9ry3UY/naomi-riedel