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Message from Finance Dept

T C —

You can pay student fees using internet banking. 

The school bank account is: 12-3162-0099860-00.

 Please identify the student name in the 'particulars' and if there is a specific fee or fees you are paying please also identify that in the 'code' and or 'reference' fields. You can always process two payments to provide all the details you need to. You can also set up a regular automatic payment identifying the student name. We will then allocate that to the subject and activities of the student and lastly to donation. Then you can monitor via KAMAR if the automatic payment is appropriate to cover the fees and alter it as necessary. 

Keith would like to thank you all for your support of the school and payment of the donation. This is a great help to meeting the ever pressing demands on school funds to provide the curriculum that we do. 

A friendly reminder, there is a discount if the donation is paid before the end of Term 1. The donation is: 

$100 for the first child in a family,  $80 for the second child and $70 for subsequent children. 

Following Term 1 the donation is: $120 for the first child in a family $100 for the second child and $80 for subsequent children.