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School Absences
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Administration —


If your student is absent from school please either:

  • Phone 07 3789304, press 1 after prompt, and state your student's name, reason for absence and your phone no., if possible before 9 a.m.
  • Email: info@tauhara.school.nz
  • Via School App  (download School App) 

If you are unable to phone the school, please send a note to your student's Tutor teacher on the day the student returns.  The note should name the student, give the reason for the absence, the dates of absence and have the legible signature of a parent or caregiver.  

Students are expected to be at class on time with the appropriate equipment.   Students who are late to school after Tutor time (9.00 am) must sign in at the office before going to class.  If students are late, but still during tutor time, they should go to their Tutor for absence check and to access the Daily notices.   Parents and caregivers will be contacted by text or email if students do not arrive at school, via the 'early notification' communication system. 

If students need to leave school during the school day for any reason, they need either a note from home or a phone call to the office from the parent or caregiver.   Students then need to sign out at the student reception and then sign in again when they return.   Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds without permission. 


If students become unwell at school they should report to the school office to sign out. Parents will then be informed to collect them from school or alternative arrangements made.