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Year 9 Resistant materials

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Year 9 had the opportunity to take on a multi-disciplined project that offered the chance to ‘Research’, work within a group and self-manage.

Having been split in to five groups each group drew a piece of paper from a box giving them their culture to investigate. The five cultures were:

Maori - South pacific

Roman - Europe

Egyptian - Middle East

Chinese - Asia

Aztrec - Central Americas

The group’s responsibility was to investigate the history, geography, politics and religion of the selected peoples then to produce an agreed document of explanation. The second task was to create plans for the model that was to be built which would describe aspects of the world these people lived in; this was to include architecture, topography and daily life.

The third task was to split the requirements up to offer each pupil an aspect to focus on.

The outcomes have shown how well all students embraced the task and as a class and were able to appreciate the similarities and differences of cultures from different parts of the world and human history.