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Iain Mutch —

As we are a uniform wearing school it seems timely, with the change to winter, to reiterate the school uniform and the processes surrounding the uniform.

Hoodies are NOT part of the school uniform. From time to time the BOT has agreed to specialist and sports groups wearing the hoodies designed for the group or team. Currently there is no such agreement with any group or team.

Students are allowed to wear, the school polar fleece (years 9, 10 and 11) the woolen school jersey (years 12 and 13) the school over jacket (all years) and school or black puffer jacket (all year)

There is a school cap and a school beanie. No other hat is acceptable.

Shoes must be black. Both the upper and the sole is to be black along with any laces. Many students wear a sports shoe and it should be noted that all major manufacturers make a fully black style. Boys should be wearing a pair of calf length school socks while girls wear navy ankle socks.

At the present time if your student has a problem with their uniform they can get a short term exemption from their tutor teacher. The exemption will be given out once the tutor has sighted a note from home indicating what the problem is and when the issue will be rectified.

If you have any concerns please contact Mr Mutch through the school and we will work on a solution.