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Careers News - Upcoming events

Delwyn Roberts —

General Careers

Last term the focus was on careers interviews for our year 13 students, these were very productive and informative. It is great to hear so many students have started to really plan for the next few months and will be ready to make those important decisions on their study and work options. This term I have started the Year 12 interviews, the focus is on exploring options for them and to encourage ownership of decisions for next year. These will continue through to the end of the term. Interview slips are given out through the tutor system, if you think you have missed out please come and see us.

Any student at any level, is always welcome to come and talk to us or book an appointment time to discuss ideas and gather information. Parents and caregivers are always welcome too.

Guest Speakers

This term we have guest speakers visiting and these are open to any level. If you would like to come and talk to our students about your career or occupation, or know someone that would, please contact the careers department.

We also are running workshops suitable for our senior students.

We also have the Polytech, University and taster day visits, which we take students to dependant on numbers. These are advertised in the daily notices.

Please see below  the list of events coming up.

Rotorua Careers Expo

A group of Year 11 students attended the Rotorua Careers Expo on May 7th. It was an action packed day with a large variety of career options available. Students were given a choice as they first entered, to pick how they are currently feeling about their career choice - really unsure, have a few ideas, or certain of my choice. They were presented with a coloured sticker which helped stall holders to identify their needs and ask the right questions to help students in the right way. Students interests ranged from pilot to lawyer, & farmer to nurse.

Wintec/WECA Engineering Taster day

Seven students attended the WECA engineering day in Hamilton. It was a super day, with an early start, first stop was the Fulton Hogan bridge project in Raglan. We met with Josh Wilkinson, the site manager who gave an in depth talk about building bridges, his BEng he gained at Auckland University and the full range of jobs within his team. Interesting industry with loads of variety and opportunities to use your qualifications and skills.

After returning to the Wintec campus for lunch our second industry visit was to Hunter Fillers.

An interesting talk with company managing director Niall Fuller. The workshop was busy with lots of engineers doing many different tasks. Hunter Fillers manufacture the machines for ‘filling’ tubes, bottles, practically anything liquid, powder or gels for foodstuffs, cosmetics and cleaning, agriculture, veterinary supplies. They have seven different series in their range, and they adapt those to suit the customers needs. Amazingly clever and challenging at times.

We enjoy taking our students out and about. If you have a business and would like us to visit, please contact our careers department.


Term 2 has started off with 6 students beginning their Gateway placements in Week 1. There is quite a variety in the career choices of these students which is great to see. Veterinary/ animal care, aviation engineering, hotel management, primary school teaching/ special needs, skydiving and geothermal engineering.

There are currently 21 students out on work experience placements with a few more start dates coming up quick. It is important that all students at some point complete a Workplace First Aid course and a Health and Safety course. 

Trades Academy

Visits to all trades courses are underway, those I have been to so far are going really well. Toi-Ohomai tutors are impressed with the overall behaviour of our students and their commitment to the workload.

The tutors have asked me to remind all students to pass and earn the credits for these courses, students attendance must be near perfect and the completion of any given bookwork and tasks must be completed within the given timelines.  Open day is Friday 21 June for next year courses.

School leavers

Our doors are always open to answer any questions about apprenticeships, applications into tertiary courses, references, cv writing etc. It is always good practise to get organised early. It is important to meet deadlines when applying for courses, to ensure you have a chance of getting a place. All students who are intending to go to university are encouraged to become familiar with the relevant university websites, it is here they will find updates for enrolment procedures etc. Lots of opportunities are on offer to attend Open Days and other events, all these help students have the ability to make informed decisions.


Our school leavers will be starting to think about funding their studies for 2020. There are many scholarships available so it is best to get started early.

All the universities and polytechnics have their own scholarships available and the best place to look for these is on their websites.

Generosity is another website, www.generosity,org.nz that is available through our public library. This site has links to the givMe section which has around 4000 funding organisations on there. They do rotate, so it is best to keep looking, so not just once. You can change your profile which will bring up specific scholarships that may meet your needs. Definitely worth the effort.

Moneyhub is another great wesbsite:   www.moneyhub.co.nz/scholarships

The government website 'Sorted' is also worth a look for budgeting ideas www.sorted.org.nz

Opportunities and events for students

We are lucky enough to be able to offer many different experiences to our students. The Gateway programme, Toi Ohomai trades courses and many other events, all require extensive planning and sometime expense. All that we ask in return is your commitment. Often students pull out of events with no good reason, which can affect other students participation as well. Communication is the key, and we are here to help.

Commitment -

…. a willingness to give your time and energy to something that you believe in, or a promise or firm decision to do something…….

EVENTS COMING UP SOON - please register your interest with the careers team

Workshop - YWRC - Thursday 20th June, Careers room at 1.30

Wintech Shadow Tech Day - Thursday 27th June

Taupo Pathways Connect Days for Year 11 - on 26th, 27th & 28th June

Rural Health is Thursday 27th June P5, Careers Room - open to any student thinking about a career in Health

Wintec Health Taster Day - 2nd July

Guest Speaker from Competence ITO, Friday 12.30, Careers Room - open to any student interested in trades

Guest Speaker - Tourism Hospitality focus, 12.30 Careers Room - open to senior levels

Guest Speaker - Farmlands 2.15 pm in Horticulture room, open to senior levels

Guest Speaker - Lydia White - past student would like to speak to y13's on transitioning to University

Your Careers Team

Delwyn Roberts - Careers Advisor - dr@tauhara.school.nz,   027 316 0632 

Paula Burnett - Gateway Co ordinator - bp@tauhara.school.nz,   378 9304 ext 830

Kay Stanley -  Administration - ki@tauhara.school.nz, 378 9304 ext 830