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Important Bus Information

Iain Mutch —

Taupo Bus Students must now display their bus tags to use the bus service

All students travelling on the Taupo school buses should now have their bus tags (this does not apply to Turangi bus students).  If your student does not have a tag, they must collect this from the office. If you are an “eligible” student, bus services are at no cost. However, if you are “ineligible” there is a fee of $100 for the year.   

Once this fee is paid and/or the bus behaviour form is returned (as attached), students can collect their bus tag from the office.

Random checks will be done by myself during the next few weeks.  Students may be refused to take the bus if they do not carry a bus tag.  Please contact the school office or myself if there are issues with the payment, or if your student is no longer using the bus.   This is really important as we move through the year so we can give refunds to some and keep our records up to date for the Ministry of Education.

The difference between eligible and ineligible is the distance travelled (4.8km and above is eligible) passing your nearest school to come here makes you ineligible. So coming to Tauhara College but needing to transfer at Taupo Nui a Tia College in order to get to and from school - not always the case but a good indication.

To make things easier, you can make an electronic payment for the $100 fee to:

Tauhara College Board of Trustees A/c 12-3162-0099860-00 with Student's name in 'Particulars' and Bus as 'Reference'

A last request…..all students on buses must wear an approved mask. This is their responsibility and is part of the Ministry of Health guidelines for using school buses. Failure to comply could result in the removal of the ability to ride the bus.

Iain Mutch
Deputy Principal
Bus Controller