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From the Principal
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Phil McCreery —

I am enjoying the opportunity to be here at Tauhara College and to work with you for the next two terms.  The appointment process for a new permanent Principal is well underway and the successful applicant should be in a position to start at the beginning of Term 3.   

The school has joined the Ministry of Educations donation scheme and as a result has been allocated approximately $93,000.00 to help reduce the financial burden placed upon parents and caregivers.  This money has been allocated to the various faculties within the school and our aim is to continue to provide students with a wide range of quality learning opportunities.  

Where there is an overnight activity parents and caregivers can be asked to make a donation to cover the cost of food, transport, accommodation and any fun activities.  However, the school is not in the position to be able to fully fund activities such as the Yr 13 camp.  If parents are willing to make a contribution and the majority of costs are being covered, then these activities will go ahead.  

As in the past, programmes that have a take home component mainly those in the technology area, can charge parents for this.   Many subjects also use workbooks that parents have paid for in the past, these will now be met by the new fund.   

Its hard to believe that we are so far through the term already, and look forward to exciting times ahead.