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Achievements Results - End of Year

Sally Grylls-Thomas —

Below is an initial overview of the gains our students have made in the core areas of reading, writing and maths.

Key points:

  • To move from a curriculum level below expectation to a level that is at/above expectation requires a student to make accelerated progress (progress over and above what would be reasonably expected in one year).
  • The shifts in reading and maths show an excellent level of accelerated progress with some huge gains by our students.
  • Writing still shows some positive shifts, and will become a focus area in 2020. Many of our students below curriculum expectations are English language learners, and are receiving additional support to boost their language levels. This will be ongoing in 2020.
  • The table reflects the results of our Year 2-6 students, as our Year 0/1 students are reported on differently due to limited time at school.
  • A deeper analysis of results will be completed over the next month, and reported to our Board of Trustees at their first meeting of 2020 (and then shared with our whānau). We use the data to design programmes and to target support.

Overall, we are delighted with these results as they show some excellent progress.

While reading, writing and maths are undoubtedly important, our approach to learning is also geared around our schoolwide values, and these can never be measured by a test.