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Additional Learning Ideas

Sally Grylls-Thomas —

For those parents wanting further ideas to support their child in the core areas of reading, writing and mathematics.

Ministry of Education resources for all year levels are included in the ICE Time section of our website (Additional Learning Ideas for Parents 🔗).

There is no expectation from the school to use these and they are entirely optional if your child is enjoying their learning.

Our approach to home learning was to make it choice based so it can be personalised by families, and focused on our school values, and well-being at this time. As you can appreciate, trying to personalise for each learner's level, and each learner's current home situation during lockdown would be very difficult.

That being said, some families will be having to fulfil work commitments balanced with home roles. A few suggestions you may like to try are:

  • Independence is a tricky thing for many children when it comes to learning. It may be a good idea to brainstorm a range of different things they can do all by themselves, so if parents are busy, that is what they can work away on.

  • Structure to the day. On our website with the ICE Time challenges, it may be useful to use the timetable (or there are many you can find online) and plan the day with different learning activities - those students can do by themselves, and those they may need support with. Talk about what they can do by independently if they're finished or waiting.

If you are wanting more ideas...

Online there is a wealth of different worksheet-type activities. Some examples of what you can find are linked below.

There is NO expectation to have these be completed, and they may not be pitched at exactly your child’s level, but you might find something suitable to print off and add them to the daily timetable.

  • There are a large number of websites and apps (both paid and free) that you could get access to. Take a look at Maths Buddy, Mathletics or IXL as examples of paid versions. Some allow you to sign up for a free trial during lockdown. ICT Games is a great free site with many activities available

Because maintaining connection and relationships is really important to us, the teachers will continue to send through messages and try to connect through video links regularly. These may also include daily challenges from time to time.