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Staff Overview 2020

Tony Grey —

At the end of each school year there is often some changes to our staffing arrangements, and with our rapid growth we have numerous new team members.

Leaving Staff
On Friday we farewell Matua Hone Waudby. 

Hone has successfully won a Deputy Principal promotion back at Nawton School, where he came from prior to us.
During his time at Te Ao Mārama he has been instrumental in establishing a strong understanding of Te Ao Māori and tikanga (Māori views and protocols), as well as developing our sports programmes. He will be missed, but we wish him well in his new role.

Waiho i te toipoto, kaua i te toiroa
Let us keep close together not far apart

Changing roles

Pamela Bishop has won a new role of Learning Support Coordinator. 

She is still employed by Te Ao Mārama School, but this role is a non-teaching position supporting students with learning, behavioural, social/emotional, health needs. The Learning Support Coordinator role is part of a new Government policy, and Pamela will be also working with students at Te Totara School and Hamilton North School.

Joining us in 2020:

We are happy to be welcoming Emma Milner, Lucy Rush, Madeleine Dickson & Barb Shepp to the team next year.

Left to Right: Lucy Rush, Emma Milner, Madeleine Dickson, Barb Shepp

We have updated our website with our team for 2020 which includes staff profiles. You can read them here: http://www.xn--teaomrama-9bb.school.nz/3/profile_areas/1-our-team